Saturday, 23 January 2010

Getting about a bit

Wowser where did this week go? 3 days working in Amsterdam - tried doing a workout in hotel room, but my bodyclock told me it was 5am even though the clock said 6, I had only been awake for 10 minutes so was decidedly un-bendy and to top it off it was before breakfast - my personal army only marches on a full belly! So pretty much a dead loss, but I suppose better for me than an extra 20 minutes in bed. Managed one joggle around the country lanes at home, which are deceptively sloped in the uphill direction so worked my legs until they were about to fall off - coming home was better - all downhill!

Day off today to go and visit my lovely friend Holly and her beautiful baby boy, blissful afternoon sitting on the sofa snuggling him, very good for the soul. Looking forward very much Tuesday when I take off to Tenerife for a cheap and cheerful spot of sunshine, lots of lolling around by the pool and maybe a gentle trot along the beach - debating whether or not to tell my girlie-friend about the training plan, she is horribly fit, has early morning enthusiasm of Tigger proportions and will not, I think, have sympathy for a wimpy 50+ year old. Maybe a slave driver is just what I need. We shall see.

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