Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Ooooo I ache...

Well I got out and got on it, fabulous to be back on my bike, but after 2 ride-to-work days this week in the sunshine along the Taff Trail and a little fall from a bouncy horse I ACHE. Whizzed along on the first morning, helped by the journey into Cardiff from Caerphilly being mostly downhill, which of course means uphill on the way home. Shamefaced as my legs turned to jelly on the very short steep bit so had to get off and gather my wits about me, but pleased we did it in reasonable time overall. Last night my lovely friend Karen let me ride her very lovely horse Willow, who is an ex-trotter and consequently has a fascinating gait with back legs completely out of sync with front, which makes for an interesting ride (that's Karen in the pic, I didn't look quite that elegant). I was undone by forgetting to concentrate over a tiny little jump, Willow went one way and I went the other. That's the thing about horse versus bike - horse has a mind and a spirit all of its own. I still fell in love with her and would gladly trade my bike in, if only I could afford it. Meanwhile, I'm loving my bike instead.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Get out and get on it

Despite spring having most definitely sprung, I am deeply ashamed to say that my poor old bike is still sitting in the shed with last autumn's mud stuck resolutely to her pretty frame. Shame on me. Well, its going to be all change next week as my cycle to work buddy has put 3 days in my diary - I was kind of planning to warm up slowly with one day a week but what the hell, in for a penny and all that. Exciting news - I have contact lenses, which means I would be able to read a GPS without first having to fish my reading glasses out of my backpack - yay! Other exciting news - I have signed up to the cycle to work scheme (did I mention that already?), so I feel a shopping spree coming on - the only challenge will be how cheap I can get a relatively decent bike for so I have plenty for accessorising. On another note, I was impressed but a bit downhearted by the news that our friendly local policeman Mr Granville is doing a 450 mile ride for charity - in 48 hours! And here is me planning roughly the same over 3 weeks. Slow and steady, that's me.

Monday, 5 April 2010


I came across an excellent website today: The Adventure Cycling Guide. Tim Barnes, many thanks for the very useful and refreshingly simple tips / info / links. After checking out some tent / sleeping bag / pannier options and mentally packing my bike to the hilt, any worries were put into perspective when I saw this :-)

More inspiration from Family on Bikes, the gobsmackingly impressive tale of a couple and their 11 year old twins cycling from Alaska to Argentina - I love the videos, not least because they take the hills nice and slow, which is encouraging. And if those 11 year olds can get up mountains in Peru, I promise to stop being a wuss and grit my teeth and get on up my lovely Welsh hills.

Speaking of which, we took a drive and a stroll up the Blorenge at the weekend: on driving down t'other side my personal trainer informed me that this is going to be our practice hill. Didn't seem toooo bad at first, then it got considerably steeper and went on for an awful long way and we passed a cyclist on the ascent wobbling and grimacing horribly. I sympathised, my husband said 'give that bloke a knife and fork. He's making a meal of it'. Bring on the main course. And desert. And cheese and biscuits.