Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Ooooo I ache...

Well I got out and got on it, fabulous to be back on my bike, but after 2 ride-to-work days this week in the sunshine along the Taff Trail and a little fall from a bouncy horse I ACHE. Whizzed along on the first morning, helped by the journey into Cardiff from Caerphilly being mostly downhill, which of course means uphill on the way home. Shamefaced as my legs turned to jelly on the very short steep bit so had to get off and gather my wits about me, but pleased we did it in reasonable time overall. Last night my lovely friend Karen let me ride her very lovely horse Willow, who is an ex-trotter and consequently has a fascinating gait with back legs completely out of sync with front, which makes for an interesting ride (that's Karen in the pic, I didn't look quite that elegant). I was undone by forgetting to concentrate over a tiny little jump, Willow went one way and I went the other. That's the thing about horse versus bike - horse has a mind and a spirit all of its own. I still fell in love with her and would gladly trade my bike in, if only I could afford it. Meanwhile, I'm loving my bike instead.

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