Monday, 20 December 2010

Cabin Fever

I do love the snow, but its cramping my style... Christmas decorating is on hold due to kitchen remodelling rendering the rest of the house a temporary storage area, my bum is numb from being marooned on the sofa with my laptop for what seems like days on end, my brain is numb from working all day on said laptop and I can't even remember the last time I went out on my bike. Hubby kindly fixed up his bike on the turbo trainer in the greenhouse for me yesterday evening - my wheels don't seem to fit - and I slogged away a happy half hour or so, but its not quite the same as hitting the road. Went for a brisk walk at tea time along the canal to clear the cobwebs and came back for tea and crumpets which cheered me up. Roll on spring time and the open road!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Well that was the understatement of the year...

Cold? It was positively tropical compared to the -10 glowing on my dashboard while driving to work yesterday. But it is oh so pretty and very festive so I'm not complaining, although over here in Wales we haven't had the fun and games going on in the rest of the UK. Personally I love getting snowed in but I sympathise with those poor souls stranded on motorways for hours and hours through the night, and for anyone who's old cold and lonely. Quick rant here - why oh why is the media falling over itself to relay doom and gloom and to flash up in neon lights the country's inability to cope, when it could be helping us to find our fighting spirit and get to grips with things? Apart from a few tiny tales of heroism (actually only one that I've heard - a farmer ferrying midwives to work on his tractor) its all 'look at other countries coping so well, aren't we rubbish?'. Where are the public information campaigns with tips for safe driving, how to keep warm indoors, alternative ways of working, helping out friends and neighbours, and so on? Where is the inspiration we need to pull ourselves together? Grrrrr. End of rant. And as for cycling - its back in the gym for me, I fall off enough when its not even slightly frosty. But very soon it will be Christmas and not long at all until May and long happy days traversing Nova Scotia on my trusty bike - yippee!