Saturday, 9 January 2010

Work it

I am delighted to say that after a couple of days feeling I had aged 5o years (so technically I would be pretty much dead), my muscles rallied, managed a vigorous(ish) 20 minutes CV yesterday and got me thorugh Workout Number 2 today, leaving left me feeling mysteriously energised - I have a training plan for the next 4 weeks - yay!

My mornings are going to go like this:

Mon: Workout A
Tues: Interval training on bike / stepper / treadmill
Wed: Workout B
Thu: Interval training on cross trainer / rowing machine / treadmill
Fri: Workout A (followed by Fatboy cooked breakfast at work)
Sat: Interval walking / running along the canal
Sun: Long lie in with a cup of tea and a bacon sarnie

Then swap Workouts A and B days around so I get the same number of each over a 2 week period. Thanks lovely husband / personal trainer! Did I mention he does a very good massage? Saved my legs from complete anihalation after the first workout - he's GOOD.

When the ice and snow clears I'll be doing the interval training out on Cardiff Bay with my buddies who have signed up for the Sport Relief Cardiff Mile, which I am led to believe is a whole different ball game to a treadmill. And come April we'll be back on the Taff Trail to and from work from my friend's house in Caerphilly.

Ye gods, I am going to be Superwoman by the summer!!

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