Thursday, 14 January 2010

There's a beast in my kitchen

Turbo trainer - HARD work but strangely addicitve. Week 1 of proper training plan progressing well, eased along by some nice evening walks in glorious snow along the canal, oh and an updated playlist on my ipod featuring some good bop de bop bang bang classics such as TRex, Lady GaGa, Muse, House of Pain (how appropriate), Salt'n'Pepa, Raconteurs, Faithless, the Strokes, Deadmau5, Wink, Maccabees, Ting Tings, Justin Timberlake, Kasabian, Hi Fidelity Allstars - I rock. Interspersed with Mumford and Sons who got onto the playlist by accident but I adore them and it works quite well - nicely melodic with some good old shouty bits.

The snow is melting away enough for a run/jiggle/walk along the canal on Saturday and by Sunday I will definately deserve a HUGE roast dinner. And that, I feel, is what its really all about.

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