Sunday, 3 January 2010

Beauty and the Beast

Naturally I chose the most flattering pic I could find for my blog profile, but to give you an idea of my finesse on a bike, here I am looking ever so glamorous after a day’s tuition up a muddy hill in Wales where I fell off several times and ultimately decided that extreme downhill antics are not for me.

For our Nova Scotia bike ride I will be relying heavily on the technical expertise and moral support of my long suffering husband, who has admirable stamina, style and patience - imagine the gentle handling required with a snivelling wife sat in the mud half way up a never ending hill wailing “I can’t DO this!”

So I think the biggest challenge for him is going to be waiting for me to catch up while I grit my teeth and try my best to last the distance. No excuses – I have enough time to train and more than enough hills on my lovely Welsh doorstep to get myself in some kind of reasonable shape. Strangely I seem to be much more motivated to write about it from the comfort of my sofa than to actually get on my bike…

Research time – training plan required!

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