Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Kit, kit and more kit

Well here we go - only one long hot bubble bath and a blissful night under my soft duvet before we fly west tomorrow. Its all very surreal, I don't think I will believed its going to actually happen until we push off on our bikes from Dingwall on Saturday morning. I'm all packed and ready to go, I have minimalist packing down to an art form (see pic - quite reserved I think). My lovely husband, meanwhile, has just recycled 2 old contact lens holders into rather stylish salt and pepper pots- we may be living on one-pan-pasta for a while but by golly it will be properly seasoned - fabulous! So - the burning questions now are: 1) will Simon fit everything in his panniers? 2) Will Hoss wake up in time to catch the flight? And last but not least; 3) just how stylish am I going to look for airport travel in waterproof cycling trousers and a lurid yellow cycling jacket...? Lovely.

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