Sunday, 8 May 2011

Happy soggy bunny

Well I'm more of a happy bunny than a scaredey-cat today, after a good ride yesterday in spite of getting caught in a downpour and arriving home soaked through. Hubby had to gently explain to me that (cheap) panniers that look waterproof are in fact just that - they look convincing while only in fact fending off a gentle shower. So more shopping today for 'dry bags' to keep my one set of must-not-get-wet-ever clothing, essential I think for those inevitable days when it rains and all I want to do is crawl into my lovely downy sleeping bag clad head to toe in merino layers. Of course it is entirely possible that it won't rain at all for 3 whole weeks - or perhaps only on the occasioinal nights we are in a motel? Oh yes, and I got a temporary ban from Facebook this week for being 'annoying' - I was only being helpful and messaging my sons friends to plea for sponsorship, cos I just know he won't find the time. So now I'm being sneaky and lobbing the occasional message while hopping around the wwweb. Annoying, possibly, but all in a damn good cause.

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