Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Big Fat Scaredy-cat

I've been trying to write a post for a few days now - I think I have rabbit-trapped-in-headlights-of-oncoming-oversized-Canadian-truck syndrome. (yes I know, that's a cat, not a rabbit.) I'm wavering somewhere between outright panic and a girlie wobble, and I need to seriously pull myself together. It was all going quite well until my training plan went awry, then I coasted downhill and crashed and burned at about the same time as I fell off my bike, and apart from a few 'righto, enough of this' moments I'm having a hard time getting back the buzz. But - thanks to all you fantastically wonderful people who are donating money to the cause, the balance is now tipping nicely towards cautious enthusiasm. I'm back on a last minute training frenzy (well, more flap than frenzy), I have re-assessed my kit list, thrown out anything that's not absolutely necessary - who cares if I look and smell disgusting?! It'll put the bears off for sure. So THANK YOU all you lovely sponsors - I truly adore you all x

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