Friday, 13 May 2011

FBH - am I scared..? Nah...

Its Friday evening, the sun is shining in between the showers, countryside is lush green and pretty and I am going out on my bike tomorrow - after a couple of glasses of wine and something yummy to eat tonight. I have only 3 days left in the office (admittedly with a ton of work to get done, but hey, its only work, and I'm on mental turbo charge) and then its off on the biggest adventure of my life, childbirth and marriage to my lovely husband excluded. Woop woop. And I'm not even tooooo terrified by the 1,400 feet of climbing on Day 1. No really, it'll be fine. I can always walk. Check out our fab new route maps - I tried to ignore the gradients but if you want to check out my pain, click on 'Detailed View'.

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