Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Laid up and bored

Training plan rudely interrupted this week - working from home on the sofa, suffice to say I have drunk enough water and cranberry juice in the last 2 days to irrigate the sahara. And just as I was steeling myself to push the limits to 30 mins on the treadmill - hopefully I'll make it before the end of the week. The internet is my bestest friend when I'm feeling poorly, any other time I get bored pretty fast after a scan through Facebook / emails / BBC. So yesterday evening I daydreamed on line, looking at stuff in the 'things I really really want' category. In no particular order (I want them ALL), they are:
  1. VW campervan - for exploring Wales and beyond.
  2. Soulpad - pitched by a river in long grass and meadow flowers next to the VW.
  3. Airstream caravan to trek across Canada in. Mad gypsy woman at heart.
  4. Beautiful rugs for our Nova Scotian home.
  5. Beach hut. On a beach. Somewhere.
  6. Odd's Old Rocker. Two - one for Wales, one for Nova Scotia.
That'll do me for now.

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