Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Big Bike Ride Route - take 2

Due to terminal optimism and my lovely husband's faith in me I have re-written our 2011 Nova Scotia bike ride route to take in around 50 miles a day rather than 30. Its a dead cert that I will spend most days of the ride cursing this decision, particularly when any king of upward slope is involved, but oddly I feel quite motivated now that the target is more ambitious. No doubt most cyclists will fall off their bikes laughing at the notion of 50 miles being ambitious, but trust me, I'm in a very different (lower) league. My better half says I need to map the inclines to better judge a sensible daily distance to aim for, but I struggle with the basics of google maps (damn that thing is temperamental - or is it just me?) so I'll leave this as a rough draft and get him to do the clever stuff.

Looking forward to our summer break when I plan to take off on a mini adventure and drive the route, woo hoo!


  1. Hey Nicola,

    Congrats on taking on this challenge. I remember when I started bicycling and the joy it has given me. Touring your own province is physically and mentally a challenge. Most of all, however, I find is that it is spiritual

    I'm from PEI and I too am trying to organize a cross Nova Scotia bicycle tour (for charity) in 2010 -- perhaps we run into each other in a typical Maritime fashion. :-)

    Ken Trenholm

  2. That's really cool, you are my first 'commenter'!! You are more ambitious than me as I am planning this for spring 2011 - even that seems frighteningly close. Let me know how you get on - any tips will be very welcome!