Sunday, 7 March 2010

Rest, Elevation, Compression, Heat

Have I missed an 'A' for something - should that spell 'reach'? No, nothing as impressive as a cycling or running injury, I managed to trip up the kitchen step and twist my ankle. No biggie but probably not the best thing to happen mid training to run 3 miles. Damn good excuse to walk /gentle trot the 3 miles on the day though :o) So - hello sofa, hottie bottle, icepack. Just finished a brilliant book - an excellent read in its own right, and if you are a girl and have any interest in Nova Scotia / Scots Bay / Canning, I can't recommend it highly enough - The Birth House by Ami McKay. Heard about it on my fave Nova Scotia gardening blog, thank you Jodi de Long.

Anyway, a good excuse to do a bit more of the Nova Scotia Bike Ride route, although am now thinking of completely re-doing it to add a few more miles per day - am finding it a challenge to match my planned mileage with convenient overnight stops, so when we are out there in the summer I'm planning to drive the route and research where to stay / how many hills are on which bit. Roll on summer!

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