Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Ups and Downs

16 and a half minutes on the treadmill! I was aiming for 20 when one of the old(ish, with bald spot and straggly ponytail) maintenance chaps comes into the gym in his usual uniform, screwdriver and mobile phone in hand - so I assumed he had come in to fix something. He gets on the cross trainer so I thought maybe its broke and he's going to fix it. Several minutes later he was still going strong - a sneaky workout in his Mr Fixit rounds? Whatever - I had totally lost concentration so gave up. But still, I was pretty chuffed that I could do a whole quarter of an hour twice in one week. Until a bloke on our team showed me his 6 mile lunchtime run route map...

This evening I have been working on a rough draft of the Nova Scotia bike ride route map which is about half way done, and showed my trainer / mentor /chief mechanic /much better half - he thinks I am underestimating my abilities and could do a fair bit further each day. Really? Day after day? For 850k? I'm not sure. But am delighted by his faith in me :o) So this will be the 'worst case' / 'better safe than sorry' version, to keep up my confidence while I work on my stamina. Then I might reconsider.

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