Tuesday, 16 February 2010

And then I bounced right back

Day of rest on Sunday, massive roast dinner, pork pies and chocolate orange cake for tea, fixed me right up. Back on it Monday with a 20 minute run, wasn't even fazed (well not tooooo much) by the Sport Relief 4 week training plan which landed in my inbox today, in brief its about 4 times the effort of my current training plan, gulp.

Watching the winter Olympics this week, that combined with the lovely husbands tales of derring doo on the slopes of Lake Louise mean I have been snowboarding in my head, so had to buy a jolly nice new jacket which I don't exactly need but since when did that ever matter to a girl with a credit card... Bargain buy anyway, even if I couldn't afford it - one must have rewards for all this getting fit effort, don't you think?

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