Thursday, 4 February 2010

Most definately NOT born to run

Cardiff Bay - freezing cold, foggy, raining - 7.15am. Me and my (younger, fitter, tougher) friend, jogging 2.2 miles over the barrage and back. By the time I limped into the changing rooms back at our office, I felt sick, my face looked like a tomato and all I wanted in the world was to lie down right there on the floor and pass out. My face was still an attactive shade of puce half an hour later when I sank gratefully into a dishevelled heap at my desk and pretended to do something that looked vaguely like work. Is running really as good as everyone makes out..? I keep thinking if I stick at it I will eventually hit some kind of zone and get a kick out of it - the idea appeals greatly, but so far it just ain't living up to my expectations.

Good thing is, by comparison, riding my bike seems like a piece of cake, so as soon as this 3 mile thing in March is out of the way I'm back on two wheels - even those hills are surely easier with a bit of pedal power. In the meantime - nice warm gym tomorrow morning - lovely.

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