Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Back home from home

A divine week of relaxation in Nova Scotia but shamefully no cycling whatsoever - my best friend was starting up her training plan for a run so we did lots of brisk walking and a bit of gentle jogging, the rest of the time I was making the most of my gorgeous godson's company - he's the best. Then reluctantly back home and a post-holiday dip during which I convinced myself that this whole north to south ride idea is totally beyond me. I'm kind of over it but my progression back up the enthusiasm ladder was rudely interrupted by a run in with an unfortunate jogger when cycling in to work last week. She was kindly forgave me for running her down but my punishment for not anticipating her sudden change in course was a black and blue wrist and elbow and a week of feeling fragile. Mind you, what better time to be a one armed invalid than the weekend just gone - glorious sunshine and the perfect excuse to flop into a deckchair with a book. So now its back to planning and training - oh and shopping! Vouchers from Bike To Work have arrived - yay!

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