Tuesday, 7 June 2011

That's it, that's all.

Well we did it - 551 miles in 15 days (including 2 rest days - fewer than I had planned!) pushing our pedals across the mountains, hills and valleys of Nova Scotia. On a chilly Saturday morning we slogged out the last 25 miles to cape Sable Island and whooped in an appropriately cheerful manner as we entered Clarke's Harbour, an eerily quiet little town.. so quiet that we had to turn around and ride back to the mainland to find somewhere to eat! But we stopped on the harbour and gazed out at the endless ocean and hugged and smiled and sighed with relief.

Looking back, my fears were well founded- man, it was HARD; but nowhere near as hard as being a kid with a chronic illness or a parent/ relative / carer, so a great big thank you to everyone who donated to Brigadoon, that was the inspiration for the trip and I'm glad we were able to send few dollars their way.

To everyone who said I was mad / crazy / insane: my feet, hands, knees, back, bum and aching, aching legs would wholeheartedly agree with you - but I'm pleased to report that my head and my heart feel pretty damn fine. Simon and Hoss have been absolutely the best support team anyone could ask for; my trusty bike, I can't quite decide if I love or hate, but its gonna have a good old rest for a while, that's for sure. Thanks for reading the blog and to everyone who said I could do it - against considerable odds, it seems you were right :-)

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