Friday, 3 June 2011

Sunshine and Showers

After a lovely night and fabulous dinner with our good buddies at the Croft House B&B in Granville Ferry, we reluctantly set off to tackle 38 miles of horrendous winds, speeding traffic and narrow roads, resulting in some long miles inching my way along the gravel hard shoulder, we made it to Weymouth where, after a momentary yearning on my part to throw my bike in the river and walk the remaining 100+ miles, we gratefully sank our exhausted butts onto lovely soft beds in the charming Goodwins Hotel. We could have been tempted by pizza at the 'Sissiboo Delight' but I guess it wasn't all that delightful as it looked long since closed, so we opted for the Weymouth Diner which served up fantastic seafood platters with much cheer and gusto. Back at the hotel, the landlady tapped on our door and told us to check out the nightly appearance of a racoon on the neighbouring chimney - hilarious!

The storm raged through the night but we awoke to another beautiful day and set off for Meteghan, a nice short hop of just under 30 miles, very pretty coastline and not too many hills. We actually did some proper sightseeing today which was a first - had a quick shufty round the biggest wooden church in North America, quite an odd setting being in a tiny coastal community.

So here we are in beautiful Cape Saint Mary and ready for two more days of slog to reach the end of our journey - I can sense the first giddy waves of accomplishment through the fog of exhaustion.

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