Saturday, 8 January 2011

4 and a bit months to go

Righto, festive fun is all done, back to work and on a countdown to May (130 days to be precise - gulp) and the big ride. Had a bit of a mental hurdle to get over to start planning, flipping between excitement and a quiet sense of dread, which was a little tiresome so I'm shaking myself out of it by getting off my arse and doing something about it.

Back on my bike last week on the one day it got a decent amount above freezing and had a good whizz round the lanes and over a few little hills. Changed my gym training to challenge some different muscles, and on the practical front booked our airport car parking.

Things on my essential must-buy list:
  • 2 man super lightweight tent (all for me - I need to wriggle)
  • extremely lightweight but extremely warm sleeping bag - am thinking down rather than synthetic, as reputedly warmer as long as it doesn't get wet
  • maybe some eVENT waterproof trousers - reviews say they are actually waterproof AND breathable, unlike the ones I bought last year for a cool £70 which are useless
  • more cycling shorts
  • nappy rash cream - no cycling shorts can be that good
  • ibuprofen gel
Things on my to-do list:
  • Make a list of who to contact to put the word out and get a spot of publicity
  • Set up a UK donation website for Brigadoon
  • Ask Brigadoon if we can call in on them on route through Aylesford
  • Review the route map and work out where we'll be when in case anyone wants to join in the fun
  • Double check the campsites
  • Plan a fund raising / launch party in London
  • sort out a bike rack for our buddy Chris to transport us from Halifax to Cape Breton / Clarks island back to Halifax
That'll do for now I think.

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