Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Just how uncomfortable can a new saddle be...?

I took my pretty new bike on its first proper outing on Sunday with my good friend CJ and new recruit Sally on a very pretty route from Bridgend to Cardiff - not sure if it was all in my head but the bike definitely felt lighter underneath me although there doesn't seem much of a difference to my Specialized when hoicking it up steps. I did make it all the way up a HUGE hill, albeit with several stops to catch my breath and quiet my pounding heart, without giving in to the temptation to walk and push my bike. Which I was pretty pleased about, especially when sitting at the top in the sun munching blackberries from the hedgerow and admiring the amazing view while waiting for my buddies! The bad news was that I had ignored the memory of the seat being a bit uncomfortable on my previous 15 minute ride - "how uncomfortable can a new saddle be" I thought. Well let me tell you - VERY. Suffice to say I have not just been sore but completely numb for two days! Good exercise for the thighs though as I rode the last 10 miles almost entirely standing on my pedals...

So if anyone has any recommendations on the most comfortable make and model of saddle for us girls, bearing in mind I plan to spend the best part of 3 weeks on it every day next May, I will be forever in your debt.

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