Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Heeeeeere's Scottie!

Meet my beautiful new bike - isn't she pretty? She has lovely slender wheels, an elegant but rather uncomfortable saddle, and (here's the techie bit) disc brakes. Took her for a little spin up the road just to make her feel loved and now she's sat in the kitchen while my poor battered Specialized is sulking in the shed. Who'd have ever thought it - me with not one, but TWO bikes - in fact, I lie, I have another one in Nova Scotia - that's insane. Just shows what one can achieve with a bit of encouragement and dogged determination.

Went for a lovely ride on Sunday from Chepstow to Abergavenny with my buddy CJ - no she wasn't really looking at a house for sale sign like it was a roadsign ;-) she was just crossing the road to dutifully check the GPS her other half had kindly lent us for the occasion. Not that it did us much good, we were apparently in Iceland at one point... But it was a great ride, good company, a nice warm dry day and lots of pretty country lanes, luscious greenery and sun baked cornfields. Oh, and hills. Lots. But we made it up all of them bar one and, as CJ pointed out, we recovered pretty quickly after each one, so we must be getting fitter.

That's me done with cycling for this week, Thursday I'm off to Standon Calling, yay!

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