Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Great (little) British Tea Party

Well there were a few nerve wracking moments when 2.30pm came round and we comtemplated the plates of cucumber sandwiches, Bara Brith and Welsh Cakes beginning to curl in the sun.... and then our nearly-neighbours Sylvaine and Bonnie wandered up the road and got the croquet started (the simple version - get the ball through those hoops in any old fashion). Then a car or two pulled into the drive and off we went, all smiles and friendly chat and a rousing game of rounders. Cake and sandwiches washed down with tea and lemonade, dished up by my lovely ma-in-law, and most importantly a respectable $70 raised in donations and $90 in sponsorship - we are on our way! Thank you to all the lovely people that took time out of their weekend to come along and see us and hand over your hard earned dollars to Brigadoon. Photies to follow when I get home to Wales this weekend.

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