Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Well, its been an interesting couple of weeks... after a string of nasty little winter colds, I was finally feeling fit and feisty and, due to training plan having gone right out the window, thought best to get back on the cycle to work route. Nothing too strenuous, just pootling through the park, when a nice polite chap rang his bell to pass - I pull in, too close to my cycling buddy behind me - bikes kissed and we hit the tarmac. My knees were never all that pretty, but now -Ugly.

After limping around for about a week (I'm too old for this game) I awoke with a sense of purpose yesterday - Good Friday, long weekend, lots of sunshine - time to see if my endless list of kit will fit into those tiny little panniers. Thankfully, with a bit of squishing, it does, not counting the fact that I still have to get inner tubes / first aid kit / extra tent pegs, and carry some food. So I loaded up the bike and was rather pleased with the result, it almost looks like it belongs to one of those nutters who think cycle touring is fun - oh yeah, that'd be me :-) Good!

So there it was, all packed up and ready to go - I felt duty bound to give it a little whirl around the lanes. Which was all well and good until I hit a slight incline. BAD. Never mind, 4 weeks today and we'll be on Day One cycling up and down them mountains in Cape Breton - loads of time to get fit...

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