Saturday, 19 March 2011

Alcohol is baaaad

It's a perfect spring day and here I am sitting on the sofa with my laptop (not for long-I'll be out there in just a minute, honest) feeling exhausted and mildly hungover - slept in until 11am, shock horror - was it worth it for a bottle of champagne on Thursday and 3 glasses of wine last night..? The jury is out. It was great to catch up with friends in London and then enjoy some quality (?) TV time last night, but I feel like shite today and horribly guilty for wasting a beautiful morning on half a hangover. Did I really need the booze to enjoy it all? Not really. Not at all.

So - off on my bike to wander around the country lanes and get my feelgood factor back. I need it - we set off to Nova Scotia TWO MONTHS FROM TODAY - eeek!

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