Thursday, 17 February 2011

Cycling in style

I have decided, after catching myself in the mirror post Sunday ride - not a pretty sight, let me tell you - that as soon as this big long sweaty bike ride is done, I am going to:
- ride my bike at a pace that makes me glow in a radiant fashion, not sweat like a skivvy
- always take a picnic
- only partake in trips where a pub, café or suchlike is the main objective
- wear pretty clothes - see pic of my intended cycling shoes.
I will dress in floaty shifts and rumpled shirts from Jo Browns and get some pretty panniers (for carrying cupcakes and a flask of tea of course). My only concession to functionality will be a helmet, I might try one of these. I'm done with what was once an exciting new wardrobe of lycra and technical sweat wicking fabric - bring on stylish cycling!

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