Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Everyone's got to start somewhere..

Here goes nothing... never blogged before but seems like an excellent way to share a wild idea to ride a bike from north to south Nova Scotia to raise some money to help the superstars who are building Brigadoon Children's Camp, a year round facility that "seeks to assist in the betterment of the lives of children, youth and families living with chronic illness through research, teaching, experiential learning and exceptional fun!" (Fun - we like that bit a lot).

In brief: we are planning to do about 850km from north to south Nova Scotia in spring 2011 - self funded, self organised, with all sponsorship money going directly to Brigadoon*. We'll aim to split the route up into sections so riders can join in for shorter distances if they don't fancy the whole slog.

All the minor details (!) will be planned and published on this blog during 2010 and I'll be made up if anyone gives it a look along the way: I need the motivation! That's it for today- I'm exhasted already...

*For the record - Brigadoon's only involvement in this ride will be as beneficiaries of all donations and sponsorship money, they are not associated with any aspects of organising or participating in the ride itself. Just so you know...

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